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Starting Over…

So…. it’s been awhile.

It often takes me awhile to figure out what exactly it is that I want to do, then to go ahead and how and when to get started and finally — FINALLY– to actually start.  It may be a bumpy ride…

I am frustrated.

I have been doing Crossfit about 3x a week for almost a year now (I started in September 2012), and mix it with occasional running, which I still do.  Yet in that time, the only weight that I have lost, was the 10 lbs I lost while I was sick with the flu over my birthday week.  I was SICK!  Like, could not even get out of bed for a week, sick.  It sucked!

Simply put, the point I am trying to make is this: I love Crossfit, I love to run (and exercise in general) and I LOVE to eat.  The latter part, the EAT, is my nemesis.

I don’t really like to cook.  Sometimes I do, but that comes in unpredictable spurts.  Most of the time though, I do not enjoy cooking, or the mess that comes with it.

I have lost weight before — and got down to a healthy weight.  The problem was that in getting there I was not doing it in healthy ways, as it was a time of great stress in my life, and I was not terribly efficient at coping with it.  Once I lost the weight, I did OK for awhile, until I panicked and lost sight of why I was doing it.

Now I have gained much of it back.  I am currently hovering at about 210, but it fluctuates as high as 219-221 on a daily basis. This is an issue which I do not fully understand.  

l am so incredibly frustrated when one day I step on the scale and it reads 210.0 and then later that same day (when, feeling successful, I actually make an even MORE concerted effort to make good food choices) the scale reads 218.8 and the next morning it’s still 216.4. The following morning it reads 211.6*

Full Disclosure: This is an actual example.

I can grasp the scale fluctuating by a few pounds and I know that typically you should only weigh yourself one time a week.  The problem was I was seeing these fluctuations on a weekly basis and feeling defeated.  At least now that I know that this is a daily occurance, I don’t feel quite as confused.



Every day I’m trying to pick myself up and move forward.

Every day I‘m starting over.

I hope that you will follow along.